Apr 13, 2012

DIY Friday: How to Hang Drywall for Tiling

Hey all, for today's DIY Friday I thought I'd rewind after Monday's fireplace reveal, to show you the first step in DIYing your own fireplace surround: prepping with drywall. [Well, first step after demo, and I thought I'd spare you the tutorial on how to use a hammer :)]

Drywall seems really intimidating, doesn't it? It did to me. You'll be surprised at how easily you can do this. Note: that this isn't a tutorial on how to drywall a large area, like an entire home. I'm talking about patching and retrofitting after a small demo- specifically for tiling on top of it afterwards.

If you're lucky, you'll have hardwall behind your tile so removing them won't ruin your drywall. If so, sit back, relax, and check back next week for the tiling how to! We were not quite so lucky... removing our tile preeeetty much took all our drywall with it and left us with a big hole into the inside of our wall. Kind of fun, kind of scary. One of those moments when DIYers step back and think, "Shoot. I hope we can fix this." Am I right?

So that's where we found ourselves.We took the moment to memorialize ourselves on the studs.

After leaving our mark, we got down to business. Measure, measure, measure. It's important that your drywall fits tight, so try to get your cuts as accurate as possible. [Says the woman who let her husband do all the cutting.] Draw out on your drywall where you'll make your cuts and use a razor knife to carefully slice in the right spots.

It helps to cut your line as deep as you can, snap the board, and then cut the paper off the back.

Clean up the edges with your knife and shave off any excess.

Time to install! Just go ahead and screw it into the studs- a screw every couple of feet should do it. Plus a few more just for fun. Try to sink your screws in all the way so that you'll have a flat surface to work with. [It would be kind of you to go ahead and ignore our Saturday morning outfits...Kind, but not necessary. Laugh if you must. Oh and since you asked, yes, that is a blanket fort in the picture below..]

Also, you should try to give each piece of drywall good edge support- i.e. there should be studs on as many of the edges as possible to give the drywall strength. 

Ok, when you're drywalling a large area, there are more steps involved like taping, patching, and texturizing- things I know nothings about- but since we were tiling over the drywall, they weren't necessary. Hooray!

And that's it. See? Drywall isn't so intimidating after all. Have a great weekend everyone- love you all!

Be sure to check back Friday for the next tutorial on how to DIY Your Own Fireplace Surround!

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  1. That doesn't look so intimidating (when you're tiling straight over it of course!)!!
    I can't wait for the next post.

  2. Love, love the new fireplace! And really love your mantle! You've done an awesome job, looks so good!


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