Apr 1, 2013

Happy Easter and a Little Time Off...

Good morning!

Hope you're all well and had a Happy Easter! Hopefully the April Fool's stunts aren't getting too out of hand in your house today! :)

We had a great Easter- this was the first year Will really had a better grasp on the whole situation and he had so much fun with the whole Easter Bunny thing.

So I'm just a couple weeks out from delivering our second little guy- and you may have noticed that posting has slowed way down. Like waaaaaay, way down. Sorry about that. Most things that aren't absolutely necessary have been put on the back burner lately, and that's why I'm writing this post this morning. I'm going to be taking some time off (not an April Fools joke!) and to be honest, I'm not sure how much time! I'm going to spend the next couple of months focusing on my husband- my boys- my health- and adjusting to being a family of four. I don't have a clue how much (if any) extra time I'll have.

I'm going to be playing it by ear, and I'll come back to posting when I feel like it's time. Thanks everybody for reading and supporting- wish us luck!! eek :)

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Mar 28, 2013

Inspiration: Adorable Nursery

I came across this nursery through Pinterest, and thought I'd share. To me, it feels unique, but not overdone, or too themey.  I love that. We've slowly (read: s-l-o-w-l-y) been working on our little guy's space lately, and while we've got a ways to go before it's "finished" I will share some progress pictures soon!

Anyway, enjoy this little space, and stop by the blog Life in Bridgetown to see the rest of the images.

 Have a good one!
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Mar 12, 2013

Home Tour: Colorful, Family Townhouse

I came across this town home recently, and love it because the family who lives here, and the designer Chris Greenawalt, did a really fabulous job of combining style with kid-friendly function.

I love all the color, pattern, and bits of personality throughout the space.

What do you think? Does this space speak to you? Check out this article for more pictures and details!
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Mar 8, 2013

Pins Lately...

It seems my pins lately are all gravitating towards the warmer, sunnier weather we've been getting. I know a lot of places are still pretty chilly- but here in Las Vegas we have to enjoy the short Spring season while it lasts!

Here are a few fun finds that are getting me in the mood to plant a garden and get outside!

What's the weather like where you are? Are you seeing bits of Spring around, or still waiting for the end of Winter to fade? Feel free to follow me on Pinterest, and have a fabulous weekend!
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Mar 4, 2013

So it's been awhile... Updates...

I know, I've pretty much fallen off the blogging bandwagon this week. Life has been a little out of control lately...

(soaking in some sun in our backyard, after a hard morning potty training)

I mentioned in the last post that we decided to potty train Will... it's gone okay I guess. But it definitely wasn't one of those "How I Magically Potty Trained My Kid in Three Days" experiences you see all over Pinterest. Darn you Pinterest, and your unrealistic expectations. We're still working on it, but it's been a struggle- mostly because I don't like to move or bend these days- did I mention I'm 34 weeks pregnant?

 (the baby shower my friends threw for me this week, they went all-out. So nice of them!)

Anyway, besides that, this pregnancy has just started to get really tiring. I'm exhausted even though I get nothing done! We haven't really been leaving the house much- because of the potty-training and because I'm tired... so we're all getting frustrated and claustrophobic. Cabin fever at it's finest, people.

 (Learning about the sensor on the nightlight... cover it with your nose, and it turns on! Magic!)

There have been a few highs and quite a few lows, and I'm sure my hormones haven't helped out anyone this week. It's been an emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining couple of weeks- which might explain the lack of posts.

 (Will, tucking in his "baby" for a nap)

On the other hand- when I step back and look around, things really are good. On my hardest days, my mom has been an angel and has stepped in with whatever we need, and I think we're getting to the end of the training (two and a half weeks later!) I've also been reading Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I haven't decided if I like it because of the actual ideas in the book (which are really good) or if it's just the effect of reading and thinking positive thoughts- either way, it's good to get a fresh perspective on life and all our blessings.

Looking back on this post, I don't feel like the pictures of the last couple weeks really match what I'm typing, but sometimes that's how life is, right? We record all the positive moments and try to just simply move past the rest. This is more of a personal post than I typically write, but I feel like I need to be honest about how hard  life can be sometimes, even when it's really, really wonderful. Can you relate?

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